No Appointment. Yet

I called today. Apparently I need a referral from my primary doctor to see another doctor who prescribed me the medication that I am having difficulty with. This is what I was told when I tried to make an appointment. So I called my primary doctor, who told me I didn’t need a referral. I called the other doctor back, and am waiting on a call back.

Ugh. Shouldn’t be this difficult.

I did get out of the house today with R, to run an errand. It felt nice. I was over anxious on the freeway though. I noticed it and told myself to calm the hell down. I don’t know where that came from.

Just keep swimming.


Doctor tomorrow.

Making the call, again. Bad thoughts. Horrible ones. No energy and no aspiration to do anything but sit in PJ’s. R is well taken care of. We play all day. He can’t tell. Thank god. So sick of it all. Want to feel better. Calling for appointment tomorrow. Promise.