Here we go again.

I’ll be back soon. I’m working hard on so many things right now, I don’t seem to remember to write. I will though, I promise. I’m just feeling out of it.




My house is never spotless. It wasn’t before R either.

A friend of mine posted some pictures of her kids playing. In the living room, on their white carpet. Spotless. You could see the wood kitchen floor in the background. Spotless. I took a look at my kitchen floor. Crumbs. Mystery stains.

I don’t pick R’s toys up everyday. Right now, they’re littered over the living room carpet. I do vacuum, and try to keep the living room as clean as possible, since he’s in there the most. But everything else is a mess. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned the bathrooms.

I need to just do it. Every time I think about doing it, I feel overwhelmed and I have to focus on something else. I know I’ll never be the woman with the spotless home, but I’d like it to be cleaner at least.