Friday the 13th.

Today has not been my day. I will summarize it in the conversation I had with my husband.

Matt: You look like you had a rough day.

Me: I did! *sniffle*

Matt: What happened?

Me: R has been in a mood all day. They spelled his name wrong on his cake, and of course I didn’t check til I got home. The freezers at Coldstone freaked him out and he had a meltdown, I just wanted to get out of there. THEN, a semi almost killed me. I wasn’t in his blind spot, and he changed lanes and I had to swerve into the other lane. I almost DIED. And I watched Bambi’s mom die for the first time this morning. *sniffle*

Matt: What? They don’t show anything. You just see them run into the thicket, and Bambi’s all ‘Mama?’

Me: *sob* I know! It’s terrible! *sob* *sniffle* Stop smiling at me. R giggled at my pain too.*sob*

Matt: Do you need a hug?

Me: *nods* *giant sob* *sniffle*

There you have it. I can find humor in it now. Sort of.

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