Under My Skin

Not many things bug me. There are those few little things that just irk me to the point of craziness. Like hypocrites. I know, everyone is, I certainly am. I’m talking about the ‘I’m such a ‘woman of God’, I’ve cheated on my husband in anger, but I’m free to judge everyone’. That kind of stuff. I’m not friends with this person anymore, but she still puts on the sin free persona. And yes, I know I’m judging her. I’ve never said I’m not a judgmental person. I’m not Christian, so I get a free pass, no? Kidding.

What else bugs me? People who have kids when they can’t afford them, people who run from financial responsibilities, Wal Mart, Crocs, organized religion. Also, that mini show, Small Potatoes on Disney. R loves it, and it’s completely obnoxious.

I know this is not my normal post, but it’s been a long long weekend.

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