It is ridiculously hot here.

R had a massive screaming meltdown in Target this morning. He was fooling around in the cart and bumped his head on the plastic handle. Since he bumps his head a million times a day, I’m not sure why it bothered him so much. Maybe he was just scared? He was pretty inconsolable. Being that he’s never had a meltdown of this magnitude in public before, I just went with my instincts. I picked him up out of the cart, made sure my cart was out of the way, and rocked him for a while. He continued to scream, stopping only to breathe, and I just comforted him and told him everything was all right. I didn’t even get any dirty looks from other people at Target. In fact, an older woman came up to me, patted me on the back, and told me I was a good mama. R calmed down after about 10 minutes, I paid for my stuff and left. He’s fine, by the way. He’s taking a nap.

I hope that woman knows how much her words meant to me. I said thank you to her, but that was insufficient. Moms are usually the worst when it comes to judging, she could’ve just seen me soothing a screaming baby and thought something much different, or gave me a withering glance. She didn’t though, and I am appreciative of that.

Have a happy 4th everyone.

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