New Year, New Attitude. Hopefully.

Happy New Year.

I made resolutions. I sometimes do, and I end up failing. Not this year.

I want to finish my pharmacy tech program, go back to college; figure out what I want to do, learn French, lose weight and be healthier, and enjoy time with R.

I’ve stuck to the exercise and healthy stuff so far. I feel so much better, even though I’ve only been doing it regularly since Saturday. I’ve lost 4 pounds already.

R is growing like a weed. He will be 6 months old in 10 days. I look at him, and remember bringing that tiny 5 pound baby home from the hospital. He was never frail, just so little. He used to fit perfectly in my arm. I miss him falling asleep on me. I use to lay him on my chest and rock in the recliner, and he’d be out. He’s so big now, and quite the little character.

I need to find a new doctor to go to. I canceled my appointment the other day, because I hate going to that place. It’s attached to a psychiatric facility, and well, scares me a little. Last time I was there, someone had peed on the floor. There was a ‘wet floor’ sign near it, and it was taped off. I have no idea who to go to, so I need to start researching. I may just call my OB and see who else she recommends.

I am feeling much better. I don’t have the thoughts I’ve been struggling with. I know they might, and probably will, return, but I’m ready for them. I’ve been taking time for myself, and it really does help. I’ve always put myself last, and I need to bump myself up on my to do list.

If you haven’t read the last few posts from, I strongly recommend it. I love love love her.

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