Positive Wednesday.

I have more positives. Yay!

Positive #1

R got shots today. I had to take him by myself, my husband couldn’t get off work. We both did okay. R saw the shots coming this time, he started crying as soon as we headed back there. But, he stopped crying soon after and I had him smiling in the waiting room. He was also very patient while we waited, he just sat in my lap and looked around. I had to go to the bank and Target after, which I was dreading, but he slept through all of it. Awesome.

Positive #2

I can tell I’m feeling so much better. Today was R was crying, I didn’t freak out, I didn’t start sweating. I just soothed him, and he was okay. I haven’t been able to do that up til now. I was so happy I could get over my anxiety and just be there for my baby. I’m sure he was happy too.

Positive #3

I’m feeling much more motivated. I’m not letting the house get horribly messy before I clean it, I keep up on things better. I get dressed every day, I brush my hair. This is huge.

Positive #4

After my crash yesterday, I pulled myself out of it. I let myself cry and feel hopeless, then I got up and went about my day. It didn’t set me back as much as it has in the past.

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