So Much More.

I had my appointment. I got so much more from it then I had anticipated.

I saw the OB I’d had during my whole pregnancy, and who delivered R. She sat and talked to me for over half an hour, about how I was feeling, what was going on, how it’s been since my husband got home. She shared her personal experiences with me, she’s a PPD survivor. She told me what she did to get through it at home, aside from medication and therapy. She said she wanted me to know I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t a freak, and I wasn’t a bad mom. That I won’t feel this way forever, and it will get better. I started to cry. I’m so so grateful for her.

She wrote me a prescription for Pristiq, and gave me several names of therapists around here that are good. She told me to look into drop in childcare, for my therapy sessions, or just to get a break and run errands alone. She listened to every concern I had, and didn’t blow anything I said off. She said that at the end of my pregnancy, she suspected I was depressed, but wanted to see if it was pregnancy related, or if it carried on afterwards, especially since my husband was deployed. I wish wish wish she was my regular doctor, not just my OB/gynecologist.

I have a follow-up with her in 6 weeks, so she can see how I’m doing.

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